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docker run -d --name cockpit -p 8080:80 agentejo/cockpit

Frequently asked Questions


  • Can I have Cockpit's backend in my language?

    Let's hope that you'll find your language in the offical language repository. Feel invited to add or update your language.

  • Can I use Cockpit for commercial projects?

    Sure! Take Cockpit and make money. It would be cool if you donate something after a paid invoice to support Cockpit's development.

  • I found a bug!

    Great! Please, submit it here to help making a more stable next release.

  • SQLite? Really?

    Yepp. SQLite is awesome and more than performant enough for over 90% of the websites out there. This site managed to handle a frontpage appearance on Hackernews without any problems. But if you still have mental reservation or working on the next Facebook, you can easily use MongoDB as Cockpit's main data storage.

  • Why another CMS?

    Cockpit is not another CMS. It's another approach to content management.

  • Can I contribute?

    This would be awesome. There are many ways to contribute: Documentation, Issues, Community

  • Where can I get some help?

    Cockpit has a public community page where you can ask for help.

  • Is there any commercial support?

    Cockpit is baked by Agentejo, please contact us for professional and fast support.