Cockpit comes with a CLI containing useful commands to interract from the command line.

List of commands:

./cp export

Export all data from cockpit to a directory


--target: The destination directory for the export of the cockpit data

Possible subcommands to export only certain types of data:

  • ./cp export/accounts
  • ./cp export/assets
  • ./cp export/tmp
  • ./cp export/collections
  • ./cp export/singletons
  • ./cp export/forms

./cp import

Imports data from a folder. It expects the structure of a cp export result.


--src: the source folder containing the cockpit data to import

Possible subcommands to import only certain types of data:

  • ./cp import/accounts
  • ./cp import/assets
  • ./cp import/tmp
  • ./cp import/collections
  • ./cp import/singletons
  • ./cp import/forms

./cp flush

Deletes all the data in cockpit (from the db)

Possible subcommands to flush only certain types of data:

  • ./cp flush/accounts
  • ./cp flush/assets
  • ./cp flush/tmp
  • ./cp flush/collections
  • ./cp flush/singletons
  • ./cp flush/forms

./cp create-lang

Create language file for the admin ui in config/cockpit/i18n.


--lang: target language